Turkish Citizenship Through Investment

According to the new laws of the Turkish Government regarding the acquisition of Turkish Citizenship, it becomes very easy for you and your family to purchase one or more properties for a total of not less than 250,000 USD! Check the Turkish Citizenship conditions and benefits guaranteed by index Gayrimenkul below!

  • In addition to the Turkish Passport, the process of reaching citizenship will not take more than 3 months.
  • Although you have one of the strongest Passports in the world, you will get a high Return on Investment that keeps you safe with warranty.
  • You also get confidence, democracy and freedom in your life in European and Middle Eastern countries.
  • You will not have to stay any time in Turkey
  • Approval of the passport for more than 10 years is renewable
  • Being able to receive free medical treatment and qualified education for you and your family
  • You will not be asked to give up your second or third citizenship or Wealth Disclosure
  • Ability to use the pension system
  • One of the best climates in the world all year round
  • Visiting over 115 countries with Visa-Free for personal Passports and 155 countries including the EU with Visa-Free for Business Passports. Shortly after, between the EU and Turkey to Turkey after finishing the negotiations on joining the European Union, all types of Turkish Passport to recognize the right to visa-free entry to EU countries.
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Turkish Citizenship Through Investment
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